Sunday, December 2, 2012


          I was browsing the internet and I found this good cartoons about friendship to share with.  Friendship is a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people.  A supportive relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, and affection.
       Here are the 12 cartoons I found relevant to what is needed in friendship.  Happy sharing......

1. Comforting
     When you’re feeling down and like you’re treading water and getting nowhere, it’s at just such a moment that you can really use comforting words. You’ll be amazed at how comforting words for hard times can have an astonishingly positive effect, even in the midst of hardship. Extend a hand in friendship. Do what you can to lighten the load. Even little things, small gestures, a few comforting words for hard times, can make another’s burden lighter.

Supportive friends cartoon

2. Lending an ear
    Have time to lend a concerned ear to the others' problems or simply give a lending ear to the venting out of pent-up feelings of your friend.  You can only do so much for someone you care for when it comes to their personal problems in life.  We all want to be the friend who is there at any given moment.  It’s so nice to be a friend where some sad stuff can be shared, to complain a little about this or that.  But be sure to balance it out with laughter and positive stuff as well.  It’s about lending an ear and zipping the lip.

Drama - loving cartoon

3. Understanding

Try to learn and understand the sensitivity of a friend.  Know when they are happy, sad or in the need of sympathy.  Knowing when is the time to listen and when is the time to talk will be a great asset in friendship.  Understand what they are going through in their life.  By understanding each other it will make you closer.
If you loved me cartoon

4. See the positive side of all negative happenings
    Our thoughts create our reality.  We will be able to better enjoy our life, live it in a much better mood, have less down days and more days that are productive if we can see the positive side of all that happens in our lives.  It's sometimes hard for us to see the positive things in our lives.  It's so easy to spot the bad things because they are the things that we tend to focus on because those are the events that are not supposed to happen.  They tend to stand out and make us forget that we actually have a lot of good things happening in our lives.  Learn to embrace the negative without judgment.  Be positive, even though its not always easy.
All your fault cartoon

5. Tolerate weaknesses and faults
    It is so easy to see fault in others because they are more readily seen.  The faults that we see in others is a reflection of who we are inside.  So be ready to accept that we have a weakness in some degree and so do others.  Do not judge others by their weaknesses.
Long-lost Friend Cartoon

7. Think before speaking
It is really important to think before you speak.  Otherwise you can really hurt the friends' feelings.  A lot of heartache and pain has occurred because of what have been said without thinking.  It has caused damage to others as well as to us.  Think twice before you speak, because your words will be planted in the mind of another and it may stay forever.  Always think before you speak because words can hurt more.  Chill and think before speaking.
Resentment cartoon

7. Cautious
Friends can possess a powerful influence over our lives, thoughts, actions, and opinions whether we believe this or not.  So be explicitly cautioned about who we call friends.  Also be wary of the friends we choose and have around us.
Friends who Gossip Cartoon

8. Sharing
'Sharing' in friendship is much larger than sharing each others' clothes or sharing each others' materialistic usable things.  Its rather an act of taming your self-insecurities by confessing your feelings with a person worth it.  Sharing, is the very basic block of a true friendship.
Friendship cartoon I feel so much better now that I've shared my problems with you. And I feel so much better about my petty problems after having listened to yours. win - win.

9. Good listener
Good listening skills are vital to healthy relationships.  Being a good listener means really hearing what is being said.  Make them know that you respect and care about them.  True friends always make time to listen to problems, stand, comfort, encourage and offer advice based on knowledge/ experience in difficult times.
Coffee with a friend cartoon

10. A friend indeed

Friendship Cartoon

11. A friend in need
Social Networking Cartoon

12. Be yourself
Making Friends Cartoon The more I am myself, the easier it is to make friends who appreciate me for who I am.


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